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Difference is a knife


A knife with the only ambition to tear things apart


Show what is not the same


Show the contradictions


Show why things do not belong together


Only to move on and slit open things, objects, subjects,

nothingness and everything



Difference is what split pangea 


Which lead to continental plates shifting against each other


causing tension and releasing this tension 


causing earthquakes 


causing a difference between people who are victims of an earthquake

and people who are not. 



Difference is the water seeping into a rock


Waiting to freeze and split the rock into pieces


They are individual rocks now 


Following their individual paths


Are they though? 


Aren’t they the same rock just spread out? 


Isn’t this rock and many other rocks actually one gigantic rock spread out?



Difference is poison 


Difference can happen to anything and anybody


If there was a vaccine against difference I would want it


Difference is a virus


Difference is bacteria


Difference is separating


Difference is comparing


But what difference does it make? 


Which degree of difference are we talking about?


I’m really sorry to tell you…


we are talking about a huge difference.

Inspired by Deleuze's "Difference in Itself"

Mauro Berther

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