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The oppressing ways of the straight white cis male shall not be questioned


As a matter of fact they shouldn’t even be mentioned


It is an invisible parasitic force of all the straight white cis males that attacks everything that is not compatible with their way of life which is built on systematic oppression of the rest of the human race. 


Its propaganda is rooted so deep that it gets mistaken for the human nature by many.


By accusing many women* of being witches the wizards remain unnoticed.


A subtle yet so obvious system to stay in a position of power.


The slogan for the french revolution sums it up perfectly as it starts with liberty and equality but ends with fraternity.  

A notion that is excluding over half of earth's population. 

What equality are we talking about? Who's liberty are we talking about?


To dismantle these power structures some damage has to be done. One cannot „undo a spell“ one has to „break a spell“. 


The wizards have to be stripped of their power. The patriarchy to the guillotine.


„liberty, equality, humanity“

Mauro Berther

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