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Welcome to our transparency page where you can explore about our ethical efforts in making the right decisions to sustainably make this world a better place. 

Our products are made for you and come in two garment qualities Basic and Organic. The well known Basic Quality you might know since 2017, and our new sustainable Organic line. 

For now we let you to make the decision, but our goal in clothing production within a year is to gather enough interest in the clothes so that everything we make is engineered to have a circular life span.

Regarding the sustainability of products there are many hidden factors that can affect its actual ecological footprint. Because of what is accessible on the market at low Quantities, we acknowledged it to be more sustainable to work on the first step of the production chain: demand.  

Before release, our designs undergo the process of testing the artwork on real samples to make sure the dimensions, sizing, placement and effect are on point for you to rock. You mostly see products in the Basic quality in our collection shootings.

Our aim with clothing is to give playground for ideas. Everything only happens once it happens, therefore the primary focus is on the output and exchange of ideas, instead of a traditional clothing brand of fashion we are a museum featuring clothing in our souvenir shop.


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