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I Can't Believe You - Shayo

Leftovers with Some Fresh Herbs EP - OUT NOW

Song 2: I can't believe you

Mainly rooted in personal trust issues, the song revolves around the constant lies we are confronted with. There’s a big fight for your attention, so many shiny ads and people showing themselves in their most flawless capacities. Ultimately, many aspects of our lives expect us to be dishonest with people as well as ourselves, an endless switching of roles in constant protection of one’s reputation. But what’s a reputation if you cannot protect your own trust, if people can just step into your life, twist your values around and use your good will against you? Ask yourself these questions, keep a close eye on your own values and the people you let close to yourself.

Special thanks to @juan.ithemba for producing the song and @der_lumpenpole for mixing & mastering 🥰

Video shot and edited by @momo.mvdm


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